Vol. 33, No. 1 – Symposium 2016


I. Introduction and Summary

The Second Colloquium For The Harmonization Of Commercial Law In The Trans-Pacific Region: A Summary And Analysis Of Its Proceedings And Of Future Steps

Boris Kozolchyk

The Modernization And Harmonization Of The Commercial Law In The Twenty-first Century: The Need For A New Research And Drafting Methodology

Boris Kozolchyk


II. Simplified Companies

The TPP And RCEP: Mega-trade Agreements For The Pacific Rim

David A. Gantz

Creating An Enabling Legal Environment For Micro-, Small-, And Medium-Sized Enterprises: Simplified Incorporation And Registration

José Manuel Pliego Ramos & Michael Dennis

Regulation On Simplified And Foreign Companies In Japan

Tomotaka Fujita

Introduction To The Reform Of The Corporate Capital System Of Chinese Corporation Law And Some Reflections

Xiaoshan Li

The Colombian Simplified Corporation: A Proposed Model For Developing Jurisdictions

Francisco Reyes


III. Secured Transactions

Mexican Warehouse Receipts

Elsa Regina Ayala Gómez

The Impact Of Secured Transactions Reforms In Mexico And Colombia

Isis N. Isunza

The New Security Interest System In Costa Rica: Some Relevant Data

Joaquín Picado-González

Movable Property Registration Legislation In China: Status Quo And Improvement

Shoubin Ni & Feiyu Chen

The Latin American Contribution To A Model Law Of Simplified Companies

Rodrigo Novoa Urenda


IV. Electronic Warehouse Reciepts

Warehouse Receipts In United States Law—Summary For The Pacific-Rim

Drew L. Kershen

Warehouse Receipts: A Roadmap For The Harmonization Of Trans-Pacific Law And Practice

Vassil D. Zhivkov

Recent Electronic Warehouse Receipts Developments In Mexico

Adalberto Elias

A Roadmap To Better Understanding The Issuance And Transfer Of Negotiable Electronic Warehouse Receipts In The American Cotton Trade

Ari Pozez


V. E-Commerce

E-Commerce Laws And Practices In China

Kevin Luo

Privacy And Security Protection Under Korean E-Commerce Law And Proposals For Its Improvements

Kyung Han Sohn

E-Commerce In Chile: Best Practices, Self-regulation, And Integration

Juan Pablo Prieto Saldivia

E-Commerce Law And The Prospects For Uniform E-Commerce Rules On The Privacy And Security Of Electronic Communications

Naoshi Takasugi

Import Duties Relating To Cross-Border E-Commerce In A Chinese Context

Yan Qi


VI. Debtor Rehabilitation

The Practice Of Reorganization In China

Changyin Han

Chilean Law’s New Debtor Reorganization System

Mauricio Inostroza Sáez

A Comparative Analysis Of Application Of Bank Insolvency

Jihong Zhang


VII. Appendix

Best Practices For Accounting Procedures For Micro-, Small-, And Medium-Sized Businesses

Boris Rosen

Second Pacific-Rim Colloquium Participants:

Second Colloquium Participants