Vol. 26, No. 2

Symposium – Foreign Tort Law: Beyond Europe

Panel of the American Association of Law Schools Section of Torts and Compensation, AALS Annual Meeting, Jannuary 9, 2009, San Diego

Editorial Foreward

Megan K. Donovan

Introduction: Foreign Tort Law: Beyond Europe

Ellen M. Bublick

The Interplay Between Tort Law and Religious Family Law: The Israeli Case

Ayelet Blecher-Prigat & Benjamin Shmueli

The Role and Future of Customary Tort Law in Ghana: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Julie A. Davies & Dominic N. Dagbanja

Tort Law in the Face of Land Scarcity in Singapore

GOH Yihan

Reevaluating the Role of the Tort Liability System in Japan

Eri Osaka

Working the Common Law Pure: Developing the Law of Delict (Torts) in Light of the Spirit, Purport and Objects of South Africa’s Bill of Rights

Christopher J. Roederer

National Native American Law Students Association 8th Annual Writing Competition

Introduction – NNALSA


Melissa L. Tatum

The Coquille Indian Tribe, Same-Sex Marriage, and Spousal Benefits: A Practical Guide

Julie Bushyhead